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Energy Pros is locally owned and has been well established company since 1994.
Wind Systems

Wind is the movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.
Solar Systems

When people talk about 'solar' they mean using the sun's energy to do things we need or want.
Other Products/ Services

• Whole House Fan’s by Airscape
• Solar Attic Fans
• Dormer Vents

Energy Pros, Inc. (Formerly Loomis General Contracting Company) has been in business since 1994.

We assist businesses and homeowners integrate alternative energy production in addition to energy conservation. The focus is to integrate these projects, whether large or small, with financial responsibility, increase cash-flow, and comfort.

Energy Pros, Inc. is a full-service energy solutions provider serving homeowners, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Energy Pros, Inc. offers a free evaluation of our customers energy needs and provides an analysis of potential improvements. Our team of energy/financial analysts are ready to show our clients and their accountants how capitalizing on the renewable energy revolution can improve their lives and businesses.

We are currently (2011) providing small wind turbine systems to homeowners and businesses in Northern California and other areas that receive electric service from PG&E and Southern California Edison. These systems are small wind turbines with a blade diameter of 60 inches and are either mounted to the roof or poles. The best thing is that we are providing them at ZERO COST to the homeowner or business. ALL THE COSTS ARE COVERED BY STATE AND FEDERAL INCENTIVES!!! The only issue is that the window of opportunity on the incentives will gradually be closing over the next 12 months. Most homeowners are surprised by how much wind they get on the roof or the top of a pole. Our turbines are CEC(California Energy Commission) rated for a lower wind speed than other wind turbines.

EnergyPros Dyocore Wind Turbine Presentation
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Our clients generally have:

Little or Zero out-of-pocket expenses
Positive cash flow
Increased profits/net income
A hedge against increasing energy costs
Tax and regulatory benefits
Improved public image and peace of mind

We have sold/installed several megawatts of solar and wind turbine systems.

Our Products and Services:

Wind Turbines
Solar Panels including zero-down solar leases
Solar Attic Fans
Whole House Fans
Roof Repair/Replacement
Radiant Barriers
Pool Pumps
Window Upgrades
And various other products